'Stations of the Cross' Latest Film To Explore Strange World Of The Religious Cult - Here Are 10 Others...

Dietrich Bruggemann’s award-winning drama based on an extreme Catholic sect 'Stations of the Cross' hits UK cinema screens on 28 November.

14 year old Maria is a member of a sect called The Society of Saint Paul, a Catholicism that no longer recognises Rome as the Church since The Second Vatican Council. This is a strict sect, Maria's mother is an observant member, and in dedication and devotion are sown the seeds of Maria's destruction.

'Stations of the Cross' tells the story of troubled Maria and the chasms in her family

The story of isn't as fantastical as it might appear. In real life, with the recent news of 20-year-old Russian model Ruslana Korshunova committing suicide after joining Rose of the World cult.

Here are 10 other films exploring the extremely blurred line between religious devotion and cult worship:

'Stations of the Cross' is in cinemas from 28 November. Watch the trailer below...

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