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The types of activity the groups offered The report also found that the groups helped men and women in similar ratios, and
The subtleties we lose when we communicate electronically have to do with expression, with touch, with the face-to-face aspect of relationship. Social media does not show tears in the eye, a hand on the arm when saying something painful, body language that speaks of inner turmoil, deep distress - even gentle respect. It is simply there - usually forever.
Terrorists carry out their heinous acts to gain publicity for their cause but what is far more sinister is their motive to create division and conflict in the country and it is this that we need to be aware of and not let them succeed...
Every person's life has an intrinsic value regardless of circumstance. Whatever they themselves or other people may think of their 'value' to society, and despite any apparent lack of productivity or usefulness, nothing can alter their essential significance as human beings. To agree that some of us are more valuable than others when it comes to being alive would be to cross an ethical Rubicon.
The statistical reality is that Britain remains one of the least antisemitic countries in the world... Indeed, Jewish life in Britain is thriving. British Jews have benefited enormously from multiculturalism, and compared to a generation ago, Britain has become a fabulous place to live a meaningful Jewish life. But perhaps that is what helps to fuel the anxiety.
The Church of England has labelled income inequality "evil" in a scathing assessment of the coalition, in which it questions
It began with a BBC Panorama programme in early 2014. It has ended with an All Party Parliamentary report just before Christmas. From start to finish, 2014 became the year in which it has become clear that food banks are far more than a response to a crisis occasioned by the recent recession. Even as the economy grows and employment with it, the number of those presenting with genuine food poverty in Britain continues itself to grow, and rapidly. What's going on?
Simon Bass, chief executive of the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service Simon Bass, chief executive of the Churches
Forgiving may seem marginal to the seasonal celebrations but if it isn't done then any Christmas spirit is going to be contaminated and you may find that (pun intended) your past poisons your present.
While civilised people everywhere hold up their hands in horror at the massacre of children in Peshawar, Pakistan, we would do well to remember that it is human, not Biblical values, that stand firm against such evil.