Tamara Ecclestone Breastfeeds Daughter Sophia In Intimate New Photoshoot (PICS)

Tamara Ecclestone has posed for one of her most revealing photos yet in a snap that sees the socialite breastfeeding her baby daughter.


The mum-of-one is pictured with her eight-month-old daughter Sophia inside her lavish £70million West London home as her husband Jay Rutland sits behind her reading a newspaper.

Tamara Ecclestone with her daughter Sophia and husband Jay Rutland

The intimate photo is just one of a series of revealing snaps of the Formula 1 heiress and her family taken by photographer Tyler Shields.

Speaking about the shoot, Tamara said: "I wanted to do this with Tyler because he is someone I trust to capture such an intimate moment in such a beautiful way.

"Motherhood has empowered me, it has changed me as a person for the better. I love my family and my daughter."

In another picture, Tamara is seen lying naked on a chair, wearing nothing but a white towel.

Photographer Tyler, who took the pictures whilst he was in London for his 'Provocateur' show at the Imitate Modern gallery, says there's already been a lot of reaction to the breastfeeding picture.

“This was a very interesting moment for me," he explained. "As we set in this magical room in this beautiful palace of a house, I had this odd moment and for a split second my human instinct kicked in and I felt it was polite to look away because when you see something so intimate in public you look away.

"But then I remembered I am not meant to look away… this is the one time I am supposed to look directly at the breastfeeding and run towards it."

See more of Tyler's work at www.tylershields.com

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