26/11/2014 11:14 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tasteless Or Tasty? Christmas Reindeer Steaks For Sale At Lidl

Tasteless or tasty? Christmas 'Rudolph' steaks for sale at Lidl discount supermarket
Ross Parry Supermarket chain Lidl has been accused of making a mockery of the spirit of Christmas – by selling Rudolph meat (as well as Donner and Blitzen and the rest of Santa's sleigh-pullers).

Parents slammed the chain's decision to offer Siberian reindeer leg steaks as 'tasteless' - although the supermarket described them as 'tasty'! It also said the meat – costing £7.99 for 350g - was 'exceptionally lean low-fat meal with a lovely natural flavour.'

But mums and dads accused the German-based supermarket, of 'destroying the magic of Christmas' and of upsetting children if they saw bits of Rudolph in the frozen food aisle .

Father-of-one Andrew Stevens, 47, of Halifax, West Yorkshire, told the Daily Mail: "If my little girl sees this she'll be worried the reindeer won't be able to bring her her presents this year because they've got no legs.

"It's pretty tasteless timing. It risks a lot of upset if children were to see the reindeer steaks.


It's not the type of thing you want when your kids are getting excited for Christmas and singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.


"And to include it in their leaflets is thoughtless. Any child could pick that up."

Our Facebook fans were less perturbed.

Nicola's biggest concern was 'what's the best kind of wine to go with that'? and Vicky made us laugh, commenting: "I would try it. Santa only has, what, 12 reindeer, and there are more than that on earth. Besides, his are magic and fly, these are obviously the ones who didn't get the job!"

Denise added: "People eat venison all the time. Kids feed the ducks in the park but love a bit of crispy duck in a Chinese meal!"

A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: '"The idea of 'Rudolph' being slaughtered and cut up for dinner makes a mockery of the Christmas spirit of peace and good will to all."

A spokesperson for Lidl said: "We are selling Deluxe Siberian Reindeer Leg Steaks as part of our premium range of products this Christmas. This also includes other luxury meats such as venison, quail and partridge.

"An incredibly positive reaction from our customers in Christmas 2010 has led to Lidl selling these again this year."

Will you be eating reindeer this year?