Ex-NASA Employee: 'I Saw Humans Walk On Mars In 1979'

RossellaApostoli via Getty Images

A woman claiming to be an ex-NASA employee has come forward with 'evidence' of a secret manned mission to Mars.

Calling the US Coast to Coast show, alleged former NASA worker 'Jackie' (she declined to give a second name...) asked conspiracy expert John Lear to clear up "a 27-year-old mystery".

Though given the fact that she declined to give any identifying names, and could easily be making the whole thing up, we'll forgive you if you lean heavily on the sceptical side of this particular fence.

Jackie told the radio audience that she saw two humanoid figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars while she handled the downlink telemetry for the craft.

The video feed from the Viking lander was cut out shortly after the eery creatures appeared on her screen, she claims.

"We ran upstairs but they locked the door, and taped paper over the door so we couldn't see. My question is: were they our guys?" Jackie asked former CIA pilot Lear.

His response was to allege that humans had already colonised Mars in 1966, and that the figures seen by Jackie were humans who had adapted to breathe the thin Martian atmosphere.

In addition to believing that the Apollo moon landing was a cover up for top secret exploration of the entire solar system, Lear thinks that the attacks on the Twin Towers were just holograms.

They were not.