28/11/2014 09:47 GMT | Updated 28/11/2014 09:59 GMT

Guys Acting Like Girls On Instagram Makes Us Realise How Ridiculous Social Media Can Be

Imagine a world where men acted like women on Instagram.

There'd be more hairy hot dog legs and mustachioed pouts than you could shake a selfie stick at.

A handful of guys have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate what women on Instagram actually look like (in their eyes) - and it's made us realise how ridiculous we can look on social media.


It all began when Witty + Pretty's Ashley Hesseltine asked her male pals to take part in a social experiment.

Their brief was to replicate the same poses and shots they commonly see on their female friends' Instagram accounts.

Here are the results...

The Coffee Shop Pose

The 'I've Just Had A Pedi' Pose

The #Fblogger Outfit Pose

And Don't Forget The Classic - #OOTD

The Gym Selfie

The Classic 'Girl's Night Out' Shot


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We scoured the internet for more. And were far from disappointed...

Girls Night Out (Pt 2)

Strike a pose #girlpose #friendsgiving

A photo posted by Christán Otterman (@cupcakemassacres) on

Post Squats

Like a girl XD #yesisquat #girlpose #squats #squatbutt #legday #workout

A photo posted by patrick legenstein (@patpinguin) on

The Lift Mirror Selfie

Elevate your selfie.

A photo posted by Robert Bolen (@robertbolen) on

Classic Hot Dog Legs

A photo posted by @summermobitch on

The Holiday Foot Selfie (Felfie?)

#GuysBeingGirls #Summer #Pool #LayingOut #WhyDoWeTakePicturesOfFeet @beetandbaguette

A photo posted by @guysbeinggirls on

The Yoga BFF Pose

#GuysBeingGirls #Sunset #BFFs #Yogis #HeartHands @thelittlemoon

A photo posted by @guysbeinggirls on

And The Infamous... Peace Sign Pose

The typical girl pose for cameras #buttecobras#butte#montana#hockeylife#girlpose @justinkeener30

A photo posted by Reed Kinsey (@rkinsey31) on

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