Phil Hughes Is Officially 'Forever 63 Not Out' After His Final Match Scorecard Is Adjusted

Phil Hughes Is Now Officially 'Forever 63 Not Out'

Phillip Hughes, the Australian cricketer who died tragically this week after being hit by a ball, will remain "forever 63 not out" after the scorecard for his final match was officially amended.

Hughes was taken to hospital on Tuesday after being hit in the back of the head with a ball, despite wearing a helmet, and passed away two days later, prompting shock and grief around the world.

He had been listed as "retired hurt" on the scorecard for his final match, but Australia's sporting body Cricket Australia has adjusted the scorecard to read "63 not out" to reflect that Hughes will never be out.

Phil Hughes was just 25 and had also played for UK teams Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcestershire

The symbolic change reflects the words of tribute posted by thousands online, saying that the 25-year-old batsman would remain "forever 63 not out".

The change can be made because the match was stopped after his injury, and he was not replaced by another batsman.

"It might seem like a little thing, but it's an important distinction," Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said on its website "Phillip will forever remain 63 not out."

The adjusted scorecard

Sunday 30th November would have been Hughes's 26th birthday.

Fans and sports clubs around the world continued to honour him by placing cricket bats, rugby balls and hockey sticks outside on fields and pitches as a sign of respect, posting photos with the hashtag #PutYourBatsOut.


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