01/12/2014 05:59 GMT | Updated 01/12/2014 06:59 GMT

Israeli Cricket Umpire Hillel Oscar Killed By Foul Ball

Just two days after the tragic death of Australian batsman Phil Hughes, an umpire in the Israeli town of Ashdod has died after being hit by a cricket ball.

Former national team captain Hillel Oscar, 55, was killed when a foul ball struck his jaw on Saturday. Medics were called but he had stopped breathing and was later pronounced dead at Barzilai Medical Center.

Oscar, center, was not wearing a helmet when he was hit

One player told Israel's Channel 10: "The ball flew in the direction of the umpire with great force, struck the wicket and hit him in the face."

Israeli Cricket Association chief Naor Gudker said: "He was an international umpire. He officiated in European championships, he officiated in games in Israel: his future was ahead of him."

Oscar's wife, Jenny, told YNet that the incident had occurred moments after a minute's silence for Australia batsman Phillip Hughes, who died in hospital on Thursday after being struck by a ball during a domestic first-class match in Sydney.

Cricket is not a professional sport in Israel but Ashdod is one of the main centres, where a large number of Jewish immigrants from India live. The fixture between Young Ashdod and Lions Lod was being played on the last day of the season.