02/12/2014 04:58 GMT | Updated 02/12/2014 05:59 GMT

So You Think You're Hard Because You Do Hot Yoga? This Guy Does It On A Speeding Motorbike

Some of us know all too well the feeling when some bendy little thing twists her legs into a pretzel while you're struggling to touch your toes.

But this guy blows all of that out of the water.

Meet the man who runs through his morning yoga workout - while balanced on a speeding motorbike.


While yoga-loving Brits do their stress-busting exercises at a leisure centre or in the comfort of their own home, Gugulotu Lachiram is more at home on a high octane chopper.

Using just the bike for support, the 40-year-old takes the ancient Indian discipline to new levels as he runs through a series of complex poses - with disaster only a slip away.

Riding on the highway near his home of Khammam in the Indian state of Telangana, Lachiram is keenly aware of the dangers he faces.


The high-octane yoga guru said: “I take the risk while I perform and until today I have not had any accidents. Sometimes I get scared when I perform stunts but it makes me feel happy too.

“I can do many yoga postures. Some are performed by sitting, standing and lying down. I can stand on a bike on the tank, in the middle and in the end.”

A farmer by profession and a keen sportsman, Lachiram has combined his other great passion, biking, to create his death-defying brand of yoga.

“I saw people performing dangerous stunts on national television. I thought if they can do it why can’t I, so I started practicing yoga on my bike,” Lachiram said.

“I can stop doing my work but I can’t stop performing. I completely love doing stunts on my bike and I will continue to do so for the next 15 years.”


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Happy to stare death in the face, the bike adventure enthusiast hits speeds of 60km/hr during his act - which he can maintain over a distance of 5 km.

He said: “Many people ask me about my stunts. People who have not witnessed my performance ask me to perform stunts for them."

Fame hungry Lachiram says performing bike stunts has made him a hero in his hometown.

He said: “People who age around 45-50 years say 'Lachiram this is not good for you' but today’s youth appreciates and supports me. They want me to continue performing."

And Lachiram’s biggest fans include his son, G Govardhan.

He said: “When I first saw my father doing stunts I got afraid.

“But I am proud of my dad and I would want him to continue performing this brave act.”

Lachiram says he now intends to keep pushing the barriers of his extreme sport.

He added: “My future plan is to perform stunts on a national level. I want to perform not for myself but for my nation.”

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