Autumn Statement 2014: Prime Minister David Cameron Accidentally Invents Maso-Sadism

David Cameron Invents New Sex Act

David Cameron was lambasted by his opposition today when he accidentally created a new sex act: political maso-sadism.

The PM was left even more red-faced than Ed Balls at PMQs, attempting to score some political points but instead garnering a huge uproar from the entire House.

Among the rabble, a very confused John Bercow said: "We all know what the Prime Minister meant."

Maybe Cameron had been spending too long looking at the list of banned pornographic acts.

Along with face-sitting, female ejaculation and spanking, will the government ban political maso-sadism in UK porn?

It's not the most reputable of sources, but Urban Dictionary does have an entry for maso-sadism.


A person who derives pain out of being humiliated or hurt, but also derives pain from inflicting pain on another being. a person who has more tendencies towards masochism, but with underlying tones of sadism.

Is it possible that the Prime Minister is more sex-savvy than the rest of us?


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