Autumn Statement 2014: George Osborne's Economic Forecast In Funny Tweets

Chancellor George Osborne made his Autumn Statement today, consciously avoiding that weird claw thing he did last year.

In true fashion, Twitter ripped it to shreds.

Obviously everyone pointed out how evil he always looks:

Some foresaw partisan opposition bashing:

(And they were right)

While others just rolled out jokes about how hungover he looked in PMQs last week:

Or jokes about how bloody annoying he is:

That petulant tone did seem to be sending Danny Alexander to sleep...

Still, at least there were some positive cuts made:

Just in case we needed to point it out, this is from a parody account:

Some tweeters gave Osborne a bit more credit than he's due, he's not exactly Derren Brown.

While others weren't too sure about his adding up.

At least he started tackling the Conservative Party's biggest enemy:

But he did starting gasping a bit halfway through.

Seriously George, take a breather, you're spraying everywhere.

A few people started putting words in his mouth when he couldn't get them out:

The biggest problem for some though was the Chancellor's incessant desire to crack jokes.

True to form, Ed Balls started to go red a few seconds after standing up.

There was quite a lot of concern over the ambiguous colour of the Chancellor's tie, which may render a few bets void. Is it silver, charcoal, green, blue? No one can really agree.

Some people would've preferred an Autumn Fashion Statement.

Maybe a little number like this:

Others would have preferred Osborne being sent to Mars to find the intelligent life he was joking about:

Some tweeters were happy to keep things light:

While some people just had to be all serious about it.

But mostly, the British people were just playing the Autumn Statement Drinking Game.