Arby's 'Forgets' Its Advertising Deal With Pepsi... But Makes Up For It In Style (VIDEO)

This Sandwich Chain Has Made An Entire Advert 'Apologising' To Pepsi..

United States fast food restaurant Arby's made a commercial deal to feature Pepsi in its adverts twice a year... but apparently 'forgot' to make one of those adverts.

The sandwich chain has more than made up for leaving Pepsi out though, with this brilliant 'apology' video, which has had nearly a million view on YouTube.

Over footage of a glass of Pepsi, a deep voice admits that Arby's "messed up and forgot about the second commercial. So here it is. Pepsi. Cool, refreshing and goes great with Arby's sandwiches and other Arby's foods."

Arby's is best known for its meat sandwiches and its trademarked slogan is "We have the meats" - which it replaced with "We have Pepsi" for the video.


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