The Sun Attack Poll On Russell Brand Was Pretty Much Disproven By Midday

The Sun has launched a bizarre attack on Russell Brand claiming he is sprout-like and most people basically don't like him.

Only it would appear The Sun's assertion that 68% of people think Brand a 'hypocrite' is rather wide of the mark, if these Twitter users are any guide:

While we can neither confirm or deny a mysterious Christmas vegetable aroma around the man, we can confirm a huge majority of the internet appear to very much like the man.

Here's one.

And here's another.

Oh and there's loads more...

He's starting to win over the doubters.

See, he's an inspiration!

Obviously coverage isn't unanimous and he does have a few he's failed to win over, such as this eloquent chap.

And this guy.

Top marks for succinctness.

Where do 'genuine' revolutionaries shop?

Only a bit though...

The Sun's coverage hasn't exactly gone down too well either.

The poll has also come under a little bit of fire.

To end, here's a final thought from Michael...