09/12/2014 11:25 GMT | Updated 10/12/2014 04:59 GMT

Cheese Lorry Crash Closes M1 For 19 Hours

A lorry carrying a large load of cheese caused major delays on the M1 when it burst into flames.

Emergency crews were sent to the highway southbound between junctions 18 and 20 for Crick at around 9pm on Monday night.

Images of the blaze were captured by photographer Max Earey.

He told the BBC: “I could see something on fire in the distance but cars were still getting by – then a couple of lorries stopped to hold the traffic back as they could tell it might get a whole lot worse, which it did.

“There were a couple of explosions and then the emergency services turned up.”


No one was hurt in the incident, believed to have been caused when the vehicle's brakes overheated.

On Tuesday the Northampton Chronicle was reporting the carriageway had reopened at 3.30pm but that there were still delays of up to 90 minutes.

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