'Soarigami' Might Be The One Invention To Save Flying In 'Economy'


This single invention claims to be able to solve the biggest issue in mid-flight inter-personal relations, otherwise known as 'not killing each other on planes', namely the (ostensibly) shareable arm rest.

For in reality, we all know that this thing is not shareable. Ultimately whoever gets there first owns the thing for the entire flight.

Well not any more. This invention is a foldable divide, allowing both passengers to use the armrest in peace. You simply take it on board, unfold it and bask in the peace of a world divided fairly between two deserving peoples.

And the best part is, people love it when nerds sit next to them on flights and think an invention they read about on CNET is socially acceptable to implement without asking anyone around them. That never goes wrong!

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