Emily Brothers Subject To Terrible Transphobic Comment From The Sun's Rod Liddle

Here's an early Christmas gift for everyone - Rod Liddle has apologised for something!

The outspoken Sun columnist took his cues from medieval times by asking how a Labour candidate knew she was transgender if she was blind.

The inevitable and justified backlash sparked that most rare of things from Liddle - the word "sorry".

He said: "I wish Emily the very best and I'd definitely vote for her if I lived in Sutton and Cheam.

"I am sorry for the poor joke!"

Emily Brothers came out in an interview with Pink News this week.

Explaining the decision, she said: "In an ideal world I wouldn’t be speaking out about my past because it’s very private; however I recognise that as a politician the key thing is trust."

Despite the obvious difficulty of making such a move, Liddle felt the need to display a complete lack of knowledge on the subject by making the unwarranted remark in his column.

He wrote: "She’ll be standing at the next election in the constituency of Sutton and Cheam. Thing is though, being blind, how did she know she was the wrong sex?"

The Sun's head of PR spent the morning on damage limitation.

Brothers told the Independent: "Personally I am ok and not distressed by his ridiculous comments.

"My position is that I think it’s a cheap comment that doesn’t surprise me coming from The Sun.

"But my concern is how other transgender people feel about these comments, particularly those who are going through the transitioning process and are fearful of other people’s reactions, and fearful of being ridiculed."

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