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“The publishers and editors cannot be given a free pass. They must be held to account," a spokesperson for the Muslims Council of Britain said.
Hard-working, caring women like my mother deserve better than to be hijacked for this rent-a-gob's weekly rant
Columnist Rod Liddle suggested the MP and her baroness mother were only successful because of "the colour of their skin".
Channel 4 News’ editor has corrected a claim by Rod Liddle that the programme chose a Muslim woman to front coverage of the
Nelson has not yet responded to the claims.  Others on social media expressed shock at the revelation Liddle had ever been
Journalist Rod Liddle has drawn condemnation from Stonewall for a column telling gay men that using poppers to make sex more
Journalist Rod Liddle, fresh from penning a column on the 'Great British Bake-Off' that drew praise from the EDL, appeared
Rod Liddle's attempt to conflate this year's 'Bake Off' winner being a Muslim woman with uncontrolled migration has gone
Spectator journalist Rod Liddle has penned a deeply sarcastic response to a female Guardian columnist who revealed her experience
He also used Brothers’ former name and Trans Media Watch claimed that the piece was worded in a way deliberately meant to
Yes, The Sun may have dropped Page Three. But it's still full of tits...
Here's an early Christmas gift for everyone - Rod Liddle has apologised for something! The outspoken Sun columnist took his
UPDATE: This story has moved on in a huge way. The latest take on this story can be read >>here<<. READ MORE: 'The Tory Leadership
Hundreds of viewers were so engrossed in a re-run of Mrs Brown's Boys on BBC1, that they complained to the broadcaster when
A non-famous irritating white man is still alive. The man confirmed his continued existence by writing on his Spectator blog
The Spectator magazine has been fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £2,000 to the parents of black teenager Stephen Lawrence
The Spectator is to be prosecuted for breaching a court order over an article written by Rod Liddle during the trial of two