'Question Time': Leave Voter Schools Rod Liddle In Second Brexit Referendum Debate

Nicely done.

A ‘Question Time’ audience member who voted for Brexit won a round of applause during last night’s episode, after schooling panelist Rod Liddle on why people are calling for a second referendum.

With the UK’s exit from the EU just months away, the female audience member raised the topic of another vote, arguing: “Quite a lot of people have said, ‘I voted leave but I would change my mind because I have been lied to’.

“They have been misled. They were told, ‘oh we’re going to get millions for the NHS, we’re going to stop migrants and so this and that’.

“None of that is going to happen, none of the original promises are going to happen.”

At this point, panelist and Spectator columnist Rod Liddle, perhaps presuming the woman was a dedicated Remainer, asked: “Did you vote remain?”

In response, she hit back: “I voted leave and I have changed my mind.”

Thursday's 'Question Time' was filmed in Bishop Auckland
Thursday's 'Question Time' was filmed in Bishop Auckland

Her quick and stern response won a round of applause from the audience as one of Liddle’s fellow panelists could be heard remarking: “Touché.”

Continuing, she added: “There was a massive group of people who never voted.”

Liddle them attempted to interrupt but determined to finish speaking, the woman reiterated: “I want a second referendum.

“It’s not, ‘Oops I made it a mistake’. It’s that someone lied to me.”

Theresa May is currently midway through tense negotiations with the EU and facing strong criticism of her chequers plan for Brexit.

Today, Boris Johnson hit out at the prime minister, urging her to drop the current plan and negotiate a deal similar to the one Canada has with the EU.


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