Edward Adoo

Broadcaster, Writer and DJ

Edward Adoo is a London based Broadcaster, Writer, DJ and Voiceover Artist. He has a weekly show on BBC Three Counties, regularly on BBC Radio London, 6 Music and World Service. Ed often appears on the BBC News Channel, Sky News, London Live and 5 News. Ed's versatile approach to journalism is passionate and direct. His authored pieces on the anniversary of former headmaster Philip Lawrence were both aired on BBC Two's Daily Politics and BBC London News. Ed also writes freelance pieces for Evening Standard, Broadcast, Media Week, The Independent, Telegraph and Huffington Post. Ed's voiceover work can be heard across all networks from narrating documentaries on BBC Three, ITV promos to adverts. As a social commentator Ed is in touch on what's going on in different areas. He is opinionated on culture, arts, politics, diversity and youth culture. As a music tastemaker he champions new artists through BBC Introducing and discovers new artists and producers which he often plays in his weekly DJ sets across London.