Cliff Richard Cut-Out Prompts Man To Phone Police

A man has phoned the police to complain after his neighbour stuck a “creepy” picture of Cliff Richard in a window overlooking his property.

James Maltby told The Argus he believed James Dean posted the picture as retribution after he reported him to Brighton and Hove Council over accusations he had breached planning rules.

Dean denies the allegations.

'Creepy': Cliff Richard

“I called the police and they said there was nothing they can do about it.

“They said if it was a picture of a zombie they could do something about it, but because it is a picture of a face they cannot.

“It is a creepy image. I think he is trying to send us a message by saying he knows it is us.”

Cliff Richard pictured in 1959 as he was trying to find his way in the music industry.

A police spokesman told Huffington Post UK: “Police received a report on Sunday (7 December) to a man had put up a picture of Cliff Richard in a window facing the informant's garden in Sutherland Road in Brighton.

“Officers spoke to the informant but informed him that displaying the picture was not an offence.

“The informant was encouraged to speak to the owner of the building to resolve the issue.”

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