25 Vloggers Under 25 Who Are Owning The World Of YouTube

Without a doubt, 2014 has been the year of the YouTubers. From number one UK vlogger Zoella's first novel selling more copies than Harry Potter in its first week of sales (amid much controversy ) to BBC Radio 1 hiring the popular vloggers Tyler Oakley, TomSka and (obviously) Zoella to present shows in a bid to cling on to younger listeners, it seems these youthful YouTubers have tapped into an incredibly lucrative audience.

Namedropping a brand in one of their vlogs can earn them a paycheck of tens of thousands of pounds, so it's no surprise that the rumours say one prevalent YouTuber recently put down a deposit for his first house... in cash.

Yes, vloggers get some bad stick. But we all know we're just jealous we didn't do it first.

Here are 25 vloggers under 25 we think you should check out.