Tommy Robinson, Former EDL Leader, Comes Out In Support Of Ukip

Robinson: 'Things are just getting worse'
Robinson: 'Things are just getting worse'
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Far-right activist Tommy Robinson has announced his support for Ukip at the next general election.

Having previously endorsed Nigel Farage's party in a tweet, the former English Defence League leader has restated his support for Ukip in an interview.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon, suggested that he had met quietly with members of Farage's eurosceptic party: "I’m not at liberty to go into details but all I know is that 100% Ukip fully understand the threat of Islamic ideology."

EDL members protesting in Newcastle

The activist is currently unable to contact his former organisation, but hasn't ruled out a return to the EDL.

Seemingly channeling Britain First leader Paul Golding, he told Newsweek: "The UK is heading to civil war. Whether it happens in five, 10 or 20 years, there will be bloodshed.

"I left the EDL and went and spoke to moderate Muslims but I really don’t believe this issue will be solved, it’s too big. I have done a lot of searching and there’s no answer. It terrifies me. Things are just getting worse."

Speaking about his working class background, Robinson added: "I’m sure every other of their policies will go against working men like me, but they understand us.

"I don’t really even have a problem with immigration, as I said, I’m the son of immigrants, but it’s this Islamic ideology that everyone else is failing to address."

Party leader Nigel Farage with Douglas Carswell MP

Robinson parted ways with the EDL in October 2013 after being disillusioned with their tactics.

Praising anti-Islamic marches in Germany, Robinson said: "I wouldn’t rule out organising these kind of marches in the UK but I’m on license so I can’t contact the EDL. On 22nd July I have my freedom of speech back."

This could be a haunting premonition of a return to organising EDL protests, or, if speculation rings true, he could be hoping for a position within Ukip.

Ukip members are supposedly required to declare that they have never been part of the EDL, under the party's terms and conditions.

Ukip has yet to comment on Robinson's quotes.

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