Adorable Dogs Confuse A 4K TV For Real Life

Dogs Think 4K Is Real Life

Watching a 4K TV can sometimes feel like you're looking through a window, it really is that clear. With this in mind the people at LG decided to try a little experiment using dogs and cats.

Using its latest 4K TV, LG placed the TV on the floor and then created a perfect image of what was behind the TV, making it look as though the TV wasn't there at all.

The results are, as you'd expect, seriously cute. Neither cat nor dog has any clue that they are in fact just looking at a TV proving rather effectively that if you didn't believe 4K was worth the upgrade before, you will now.

Of course we'd argue that there's a far better reason to upgrade to 4K and that's the Star Wars Trailer, then again that's just us.

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