Ukip Mistakenly Tells People To 'Say No To The UK' In Rotherham Newspaper Advert

You REALLY Won't Believe What Ukip Has Come Out Against Now

The EU. Breastfeeding. People Who Say The Word 'Chinky' Is Racist. But now Ukip has come out against something we never saw coming.

In an advert published in local paper The Rotherham Record to wish the locals a Merry Christmas, the eurosceptic party's local branch appealed for people to 'say no to the UK!'

Unless a splinter group has emerged with very different aims, we think it was meant to say 'say no to the EU'.

That would be a very different referendum

It wasn't clear whether the typo was the mistake was the fault of the newspaper or the party. Unless, confusingly, it is not a mistake and Ukip is now backing Scottish independence.

A tweet from local Labour councillor Chris Read was retweeted more than 1,000 times.

Ukip had not replied to a request for comment as this article went live.

This did the Labour-controlled council a lot of damage and recent Ukip surges in council elections have raised the party's hopes of ousting Sarah Champion, the South Yorkshire town's Labour MP in 2015.


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