Ukip Councillor, Rozanne Duncan, Fired For 'Jaw-Dropping' Comments

Ukip Councillor Fired For Comments Too Extreme Even For Them

A Ukip councillor has been fired for 'jaw-dropping' comments made in a TV interview.

Rozanne Duncan was forced out "without hesitation" for bringing the party into disrepute.

A spokesman told Kent Online: "Ukip is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal."

Unfortunately we can currently only speculate as to what they were as the party has not disclosed them and the programme in which they were uttered has yet to be aired.

Suffice to say, in a week when Nigel Farage defended the use of the word "chinky" by parliamentary candidate Kerry Smith, Duncan must have said something pretty horrific.

Duncan was elected to Thanet council for Cliftonville East ward in 2013.

She had previously stood as a Tory candidate before defecting.

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