Nigel Farage Slams Ukip Parody App, 'UKIK', Calling It 'Risible' And 'Pathetic'

Nigel Farage has slammed a game made by students that parodies Ukip, calling it "risible" and "pathetic".

Players of Ukik help 'Nicholas Fromage' to kick various immigrants over the White Cliffs of Dover.

The game's developers, a technology class at Canterbury Academy, claim it attempts to "make a mockery of extremist views" but the anti-EU politician doesn't agree.

Farage told the Kentish Gazette: "I think I’m quite well known for having a sense of humour, but elements of this game appear to cross the line."

Nicholas Fromage's call to action says: "Do foreign voices on trains scare you? Can you handle a European living next door? Does your wife refuse to clean behind the fridge? Do you think women are too stupid to win a game of chess or have a top level job?

"If you are feeling irrational and want to live in a right wing hell hole then vote UKIK this May. These people might improve our economy, contribute to our culture and make Britain great but they are different to us so let’s kick them all out!"

Nigel Farage is not amused.

Farage condemned parts of the game such as the "racism" rating, saying: "Those elements are risible and in many ways pathetic."

The Academy's principal Phil Karnavas said: "It's certainly topical and should stimulate discussion about political issues amongst young people - something we are constantly told is important.

"But, really as political satire it is just a bit of fun. Many politicians don't need help to make themselves look daft, or to say very silly things, but they should at least have the ability to laugh at themselves."

FonGames consists of students John Brown, James Dupreez, Fraser Richardson, John Hutchinson, and Joe Brown.