17 People Too Hungover For Christmas Day



It's that glorious time of year for presents, goodwill, incredible food and... hangovers.

Hopefully you managed to lay off the booze enough last night to not ruin this most festive of days. If you did, spare a thought for these folks...

There's the pukers...

Now Aaroan, it's not his fault, you only have yourself to blame.

And you Tom.

Yes, it certainly is.

And to you Emily!

Sounds like a heavy one.

Yeah, it's not quite got the same magic as when you were a kid.

You should have done that long ago.

That's the spirit Davey.

He can't save you now.

Aw, diddums.

Ollie's in for a grim day.

And then there are this select bunch who have found the only cure going. Continue drinking...

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