Video Footage From Virgin Atlantic Flight VS43 Shows Passengers Bracing For Emergency Landing

Harrowing footage has emerged of flight attendants warning passengers ahead of Virgin Atlantic flight VS43's emergency landing at London's Gatwick Airport.

In newly emerged footage, one member of the flight crew can be heard telling passengers about the plane's situation as another is seen demonstrating the brace position.

An announcement tells passengers: "Your life jacket is below your seat. You do not need your life jacket, we are landing on land. Leave your life jacket where it is.

"When you hear the command 'brace, brace', you must adopt the brace position."

The flight attendant goes on to urge travellers to stay calm and warns them what to do if an emergency evacuation is necessary.

Further video shows the passengers disembarking onto the runway after arriving safely.

The flight had spent several hours circling over Southern England after developing a landing gear problem on its way to Las Vegas.

The Boeing 747 was forced to return to the Sussex airport for an emergency landing.

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