Virgin Atlantic

There's a surprise waiting for passengers who are light-fingered
Around one in 250 people self-define as non-binary, yet many businesses don't cater for them.
Sir Richard Branson's airline company has already cut a third of its workforce and closed its Gatwick base.
Sir Richard Branson's company had previously asked the UK government for a bailout.
The NHS is to suspend non-urgent elective surgery, 407 new people have been diagnosed in the UK, and the Queen has cancelled her garden parties. Here's the latest.
Jack Littlejohn gave his seat to 88-year-old former nurse Violet on Virgin flight from New York to London. He tells us why he wants to inspire more acts of kindness like it.
Nine years after death of Jimmy Mubenga on a British Airways flight, Unite branches say they want no part in deporting immigrants.
"They made me feel I could not even travel on a flight alone without being harassed."
An investigation has been launched after they were medically assessed for "coughing sickness".