Man Recreates Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga Photoshoots On Instagram And It's Hilarious

KeepingUpWithMina / Instagram

Most Instagram profiles boast a combination of selfies, scenery and, um, whatever's for lunch juxtaposed next to a bunch of flowers.

And then there's KeepingUpWithMina.

Mina Gerges has completely blown all of that daily life photo diary nonsense right out of the water by using artistic license and wit to recreate photoshoots of his favourite pop divas including Queen Bey, Nicki Minaj and Kim K. With the occasional addition of a pizza-shaped prop or two.

He told BuzzFeed that his outfit creations are totally wallet-friendly: "I make everything myself. I purchase curtains and hold them with pins, and everything else I put on them I stick with glue.”

The Canadian university student added that he aims to highlight the photoshop extremes of some celebrity images which, he says, promote an unrealistic body image.

We don't care what anybody says. This. Is. Art...

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