05/01/2015 05:41 GMT | Updated 08/01/2015 06:59 GMT

Naked Woman Gets Stuck In Ex-Lover's Chimney

A woman has been rescued after taking the peculiar decision to slide naked down her former lover’s chimney.

The unnamed 35-year-old was trapped for two hours before she was rescued by fire crews, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Tony Hernandez, whose home it was and who has three children with the woman, said he awoke to her cries for help.

He revealed he tried to rescue her using an extension cord, explaining: “She said ‘I’m trapped in the chimney.’ So I tried to get her out but it was too hard.”

The woman had attempted to enter his Woodcrest home through the front door at 5am, but opted for the chimney when she found it locked.

She is believed to have removed her clothes in an attempt to slide down the 12x12 inch structure.

Fire fighters from the Riverside County Fire Department ended up punching a hole through the bricks before freeing her and taking her to hospital with minor injuries.

They later tweeted pictures of the rescue, revealing the mother-of-three’s soot blackened legs dangling.

In October last year 30-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was arrested after attempting to crawl down chimney of a man who had recently ended a relationship with her.

The homeowner, who had dated Nunez-Figueroa six times, told CBS Los Angeles: "It wasn't Santa Claus for sure. Having someone in your chimney is kind of a weird thing you wouldn't expect to come home to."