06/01/2015 10:54 GMT | Updated 07/12/2015 09:59 GMT

11 Signs January Has Arrived (And A Handful Of Ways To Beat The Back To Work Blues)

Cynthia Saxon Cox via Getty Images

Your friends have gone into hibernation (as has your social life), the weather is even colder and you're considering replacing meals with cornflakes because Christmas has wreaked havoc on your bank balance.

Yup, that's right - January has well and truly arrived. Here are 11 signs we know it's hit...

It's cold

You're broke

And your social life is dwindling

There's nothing on TV

And if you see the word diet once more you'll snap.

Then it's time to go back to work

Back to those early mornings

Back to the daily grind.

And, le sigh, back to the gym

There'll be no more overindulging

Unless it's on vegetables

But it's not all doom and gloom. There's hope yet...

January is a time to plan for the year ahead

To book holidays

To set goals

To sleep

To save money

To embrace life

And to try something new.

So don't be blue!

January's not so bad after all...


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