07/01/2015 11:31 GMT | Updated 07/01/2015 11:59 GMT

6 Amazing Exercises To Do At Home That Work Out Your Stomach, Legs And Arms

January - just, no. If you aren't ready to hit the gym or take up running in temperatures with single digits, we've got the answer.

You just need a resistance band and a living room, and these six exercises will do just that. Jennifer Widerstrom from the Biggest Loser shows us how...

Straddle crunch and middle crunch

Good for: Flat tummy

This is amazing for your core. Both take a lot of co-ordination and makes a lot of difference when it comes to your stomach muscles. This one will burn!

Dirty dog

Good for: targets core, hips, saddlebags

Stay connected to where your body connects to the floor and is perfect for those areas it’s hard to burn off fat.

Squatted lateral with side steps

Good for: toned legs

This targets the inside and outside fat on the legs as well as adding in some bicep action. If you’re using a resistance band, use a higher resistance band

Stationary Lunge with pulse

Good for: legs

Keeping control and equal weight in both legs, this will give you perfect pins.

Lying leg extensions

Good for: stomach and legs

Using a resistance band and a bench, this will give you a firm core and firm up the tops of your legs.

Banded triceps extension and rhomboid pulse

Good for: arms

Resistance is key but working with a smaller muscle group, using a lower resistance band.

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