Charlie Hebdo Attack Footage Captures Suspects Murdering Police Officer As They Flee

Graphic Footage Captures Paris Gunmen Murdering Policeman As They Flee Shooting

The video, which Huffington Post UK has chosen not to show, reveals the brutal aftermath of the attack on the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

At least 12 people are believed to have been killed in the attack and the Paris mayor’s office says the suspects are still at large.

Two suspects were filmed leaping out of a car and pointing their weapons at a fallen policeman

The mobile phone footage shows two masked, black-clad gunman leaping out of a black Citroen car whose back window has been blasted out.

The men rush up to a obviously wounded police officer lying face down on the pavement.

He raises his hand in apparent surrender but one of the gunman aims his weapon and fires, rendering the victim motionless. The gunmen run back to the car and drive off.

Despite the officer raising his hand in apparent surrender, he is shot at point blank range

Le Figaro reported that the gunmen used automatic weapons, believed to be AK-47s, quoting a police source. There were also multiple, but unconfirmed reports of a rocket launcher seen on the scene.

The offices of Charlie Hebdo were fire-bombed in 2011 after it published a call-out for the Prophet Mohammed to guest-edit the magazine.

The publication, which lampoons all of the world's religions, was under fire in 2007 for re-printing the Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammad that sparked worldwide protests.

The last tweet from the magazine's Twitter account was a cartoon of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, wishing him "best wishes, by the way."

The moment Paris gunmen shoots a policeman

France Newspaper Attack

Paris Shooting

Paris gun attack


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