charlie hebdo

The cover of the boundary-pushing French satirical magazine is obviously referencing the police killing of George Floyd, a Black American man.
A suspect was detained on Friday after an attack near the Bastille plaza in eastern Paris.
'GEN doesn't endorse all of Biard's assertions, but we must listen to him: when your life is at risk, your words are legitimate.'
There were multiple intelligence failings prior to the attacks in Paris last year, a French parliamentary investigation has
The judge said they coudl have caused carnage on a 'truly horrifying scale'.
The mastermind behind Britain’s biggest known gun smuggling operation has been jailed for 35 years for shipping £100,000
Donald Trump "always" carries a gun and would have opened fire on the Islamic State attackers had he been in Paris during
Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival is in full swing and there are rave reviews about so many of the performances. Prominent so far has been the UK Pun Championships of 2016. The event has been reported on YouTube as being "an absolute knockout". The festival is clearly going from strength to strength.
The real attack on French culture here is the parliament's decision to reinforce the state of emergency, by no way a banner for tourists or French citizens alike. We look at France as the birthplace of modern democracy, and the country's founding call for liberté is something we should not take for granted the world over.