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Fashion Dads On Instagram Is Our New Source Of Fash-spiration

FashionDads_ / Instagram

A new breed of style icon has joined the ever-growing fashion pack on Instagram.

They make your #OOTD photos look amateur, they've got the #fblogger pose down to a tee and their accessorising is truly on point - socks and sandals? Gee whiz.

Ladies and gents, brace yourselves for... Fashion Dads.


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The brain child of Ashley Hesseltine and Travis May, who are also responsible for the hilarity that is BrosBeingBasic - a collection of guys acting like girls on Instagram - this account was inspired by their own fathers' (sometimes questionable) fashion choices.

While their sense of style is nothing short of horrific, we can't help but think that it's so daft that the world of fashion might actually take note. Y'never know, London Fashion Week '15 might see a spike in knee-high socks 'n' loafers...

Fashion is always a must, but keeping warm is the main priority on a ski trip. 💁❄️Look like a true #SkiBunny in a toasty purple and black #Gortex coat along with a sexy olive green hoodie. 🎿🐰Stay comfortable in tangerine sweatpants by #Starter (over thermal leggings or long johns), along with some royal blue moon boots. Complete the look with a custom "ugly sweater" beanie and you are ready to hit the slopes! #MoonBoots #FashionDads #MySnowMobileDied #HowAmIGoingToGetBack #MyFeetAreSoaked #CantFeelMyToes #HereComesTheOldBlackFoot #MoonShoesWasATerribleIdea #SoWereSweatPants #ALittlePlaceCalledAssssspen #SwansonSAMSONITE #YouHadAnExtraPairOfGlovesTheWholeTime Via @mckenzieharris

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