Woman Sleeps With Bedbugs For Five Years For Scientific Experiment

Woman Sleeps With Bedbugs For Five Years, Gets Bitten A LOT

Regine Gries has been bitten over 85,000 times by bedbugs - but all in the name of science.

The biologist has been sleeping with bedbugs for five years in a bid to create a repellant for the creepy crawlies.

According to Gries, a certain smell makes the bugs think twice about biting a human.

Bedbugs feed on human blood just as mosquitoes do. Although having bedbugs in your house can be stressful, the NHS say they do not carry harmful diseases.

Some people will develop an uncomfortable rash if bitten by a bug though.

Gries is currently developing a liquid repellant based on her findings that she plans to sell commercially in the future.

In the meantime, we'll have to sleep tight (although Gries probably won't be) and watch the bed bugs don't bite.