Al Murray's Pub Landlord To Fight Nigel Farage For South Thanet At Election

Nigel Farage will not be the only pint downing politician seeking election in South Thanet in May, as Al Murray's Pub Landlord character has announced he will challenge the Ukip leader for the seat at the election.

Murray entered the race for the Kent constituency on Wednesday, posting a video to the website of his new Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP).

"The other parties offer a moon on a stick," he said. "We'll do better than that: a British moon on a British stick."

Murray set out his "13-point common sense action plan to save this country", which included a pledge to revalue the pound at £1.10 in order to make it worth 10p more.

On immigration, Farage's signature issue, Murray said: "Of course the reason they are coming here is because this is the greatest country in the world. The only way to stop them is for a government to change that and make things a whole lot worse. Look no further. However, in the meantime, we brick up the Channel Tunnel. With British bricks. Probably have to get some Poles in to do it. Common sense."

And on foreign policy, the Pub Landlord added: "Germany has been too quiet for too long. Just saying."

Murray has also attempted to out-Ukip, Ukip on euroscepticism. "I pledge that the UK will leave Europe by 2025 and the edge of the Solar System by 2050. Common market sense. In the meantime Greece to be bought and operated by Kent County Council. Couldn’t be worse. Someone to do the bins at least," he said.

A Ukip spokesman said: "at last, serious competition in the constituency." Farage responded to the challenge on Twitter: "The more, the merrier!"

Murray, 46, is standing in a constituency which the Conservative Party won from Labour at the previous election in 2010.

It is already the focus of huge attention due to Farage's decision to stand there as Ukip experiences a surge of support and now has two Parliamentary seats. His party took 5.5% of the votes in the seat five years ago.

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