Best Smartphones At CES 2015: Curved Gadgets Invade CES

The Curved Smartphone Is Here

CES 2015 brought one major new innovation to smartphones: curving them. OK, so the truth is that isn't actually anything new, but don't let LG hear you say that.

Along with the next generation of curved and circular displays, LG was keen to show off its LG G Flex 2. Boasting a smaller screen, the G Flex looked to be a refreshing example of a technology company realising that you can't make something better by making it bigger.

The G Flex 2 boasted a smaller 5.5-inch screen but managed to up the resolution over the old model to a Full-HD panel. Along with the curve the G Flex 2 also boasted the same self-healing coating on the back.

Curves were also present in the design of other phones at the conference with the YotaPhone 2 almost stealing the show with its curved E-Ink screen on the back and flat full-colour display on the front.


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