'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Ken Morley's Double-Glazing Adverts 'Pulled From Firm's Website'

Things Go From Bad To Worse For 'CBB' Ken

Things have gone from bad to worse for ejected ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Ken Morley, after adverts he starred in for a double-glazing company were pulled.


You might recall Ken’s adverts for Safe Style UK, where he famously jabbered ten-to-the-dozen at viewers, urging them: “Y’buy one, y’get one free, I SAID, y’buy one, y’get one free.”

High-brow stuff, we can all agree.

Ken Morley entering the 'CBB' house last week (yes - it was only last week!)

However, following Ken’s shock removal from the ‘CBB’ house, which came after he continued using “wholly unacceptable” language, despite having already received a formal warning from producers, it’s been reported that his ads have been pulled from the firm's site.

What’s more, The Sun have gone as far as saying the double-glazing company have “severed links” with the former ‘Coronation Street’ actor, who played Reg Holdsworth in the ITV soap.

Ken was pulled from the house earlier this week, after he was heard using an offensive term for people of African descent during an anecdote about having worked with Frank Bruno.

He had previously been branded a “disgusting racist” by Alexander O’Neal’s wife after he used the same racial term in an earlier conversation, and a “misogynistic pig” by housemate Perez Hilton, after he claimed the Big Brother bathroom was the “best place in the world to look at arses”.

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