19/01/2015 10:05 GMT | Updated 19/01/2015 10:59 GMT

Man, Kaleb Whitby, Squashed Between Two Lorries And Amazingly Survives

A man has walked away from a terrifying car crash with just cuts on his hands, despite being sandwiched between two huge lorries.

Kaleb Whitby, 32, was driving his pick-up truck in severely icy conditions when he became part of a multi-vehicle pile up involving over 100 people.

Hitting a large lorry, Whitby became pinned against his steering wheel and trapped inside the car. He began to pray everything would be fine and was orchestrating an escape when another lorry hit him from behind.

The driver, Sergi Karplyuk, got out to find Whitby stuck between the two trucks.

Rather than helping immediately, Karplyuk asked if he could take a picture. Whitby did his best to pose before breaking free and joining Karplyuk in helping others escape from the pile-up.

The crash took place on the I84 in Oregon, USA.

Whitby was taken to hospital but only needed a few plasters.

"Thank God I'm still alive," he told the Oregonian.

"Now I've got to figure out why."