Photos from the scene in Hampshire show the wreckage of the double decker bus.
Father-of-three Thomas Stanley was killed on Saturday afternoon.
"Legs are very heavy when they’re not connected to anything."
One of those dead is a child, according to government officials.
An Algerian teenager has been hailed a hero for saving a two-year-old toddler who accidentally fell out of a window in Turkey. Feuzi Zabaat who was out on the street and happened to notice the child was about to fall, positioned himself underneath the second floor apartment window, and caught the girl before she hit the ground. The child miraculously survived without any injuries.
At least eight people have died after a boat carrying South Korean tourists overturned on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. There were 30 South Koreans and three tour guides on, in addition to a crew of two Hungarians when the boat sank. A massive search and rescue operation has been launched and an investigation into the incident is being carried out.
A 19-year-old crane operator saved the lives of 14 people, when a seven-storey residential building caught fire in northeast China. Lan Junze, acted quickly by driving his crane over and allowing trapped residents to climb onto its platform.
A passenger ship collided with a crane in the port of Barcelona. The collapsing crane sent people scrambling to safety and started a fire. The poor weather conditions may have made steering the ship difficult.
'It would appear that no other vehicle was involved.'