Nigel Farage's South Thanet Rally Photo Calls Into Question The Ukip Leader's Ability To Count

Farage's Ability To Count Questioned After Claiming This Rally Attracted 500 People

Nigel Farage held a rally on Sunday in what he hopes will be his future constituency of South Thanet and by his own account it was a huge success.


The true figure was quickly called into question.

Undaunted, Farage posted another view of the rally although the 500 figure was still a little generous.

Maybe The Poke has an explanation for it all...

Farage is contesting the South Thanet seat in May's general election although the Tories have vowed to stop him.

Lord Ashcroft's polling, carried out last November, suggests the Tories are gaining momentum after a survey by Survation a year earlier found that Ukip was in second place (30%) to Labour (34%), with the Tories trailing two points behind (28%).

Questions have also been raised about how much time Farage, 50, has spent out in South Thanet, since been selected as Ukip's parliamentary candidate in August.

Conservative sources tell HuffPost UK that since being selected as Ukip's candidate for the Kent seat in August, Farage has only turned up in the constituency, which includes the towns of Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs, three times to campaign.

Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay, a local Medway councillor, quipped: "I'm on the streets of Thanet in a week more than Nigel has been since August."


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