Tory MP Steve Baker Wrestled To The Ground By Cage Fighter Reece Coker

Conservative MP Steve Baker has released two videos of himself being pummeled and humiliated by a much larger man - all for "research", he says.

The Wycombe MP took the opportunity to have a self-defence class from a local business, Combat Academy, on his day off.

"The guy in the video, Reece Coker, came to see me and told me that when people need purpose in their lives, training in self-defence can really give them self-esteem, so I decided to go along," Baker told MailOnline.

"Self-defence can also help young people channel themselves to give them self-esteem, to use their aggression to do some good," he added.

"We know that in this country we've got all sorts of issues - gang violence for example.

"I think it’s worth having a look at how something like this can change lives."

Baker also hoped posting the videos to his YouTube channel would help raise awareness of the necessity of self defence.

Some weren't so convinced. Commenter Chris King said: "This guy is a fraud. In real life that take down would never work unless attempted on a 7 year old. Then on the ground he can't even clear the leg to mount. Pathetic. Doesn't even deserve a white belt. "

At least he'll be ready to fight off the Ukippersin May.

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