'I'm Not Privileged' Says Straight, White, Privately Educated Man

A heterosexual white man who went to public school has hit back at claims that he is privileged.

''Every step of the way, my background has been against me succeeding in the music business," said the man. "Except for the parts where it really helped that I was white, male, well-educated and financially secure."

"So what if I went to the same school as Winston Churchill, the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Byron and Benedict Cumberbatch? Which school hasn't produced dozens of generals, bishops and prime ministers?"

"I would obviously have have had a far easier ride in life if I was working class, female, black or gay," he added. "Those people get all the breaks."

The man's new album, 'Cry Baby', is out soon. It features the hit singles 'Prejudiced Wazzock', 'Classist Gimp' and 'You're Beautiful (Which In No Way Helps You Get Ahead In Life)'.