As a health care professional, I have seen first-hand how BIPOC receive lesser care.
No one thinks they have prejudices — but everyone has room for improvement when it comes to biases.
"If you were born to a class or group that held political and economic power, life was privileged; if not, you were more or less doomed to poverty."
'Social change has caused some white Americans to see themselves as victims of racism'.
Why is it that South Africans, as shown by this incident, appear polarized on an understanding of our past?
Endurance is nurtured into us. It's a romanticised thorny crown poking at the heads of black women despite the discomfort.
This is a very personal point of view. And it is my point of view. But I do hope that some of it, if not all of it will be
While we don’t need to share the feelings of every single person in South Africa, we do need the ability to understand their feelings.
If you’re wondering why I have not spoken sooner, it’s because I’ve been listening and trying to understand.
We live in an obvious heteronormative world and cis het black women can be so clueless to the privilege of their heterosexuality.