chris bryant

On BBC Question Time, Labour shadow minister says "there’s no place for hate on our streets, but there’s no place for hate in the Home Office either".
The Labour MP said there was an "irony" that other MPs were suspended for accusing Boris Johnson of lying.
Boris Johnson ally mocks Labour MP who wants her ousted after she abandoned her pledge to quit with "immediate effect".
The Tory MP did not quit "with immediate effect" as promised – and now an obscure rule is being examined.
"An awful lot of people in the country will just be pulling their hair out saying, ‘Can’t you lot just get your act together?'"
Two senior MPs who caused trouble for Boris Johnson have been recognised with knighthoods.
Labour MP suggests a new leader will not restore trust in the government.
Chris Bryant, known for his scathing attacks on the Conservatives, ripped into the prime minister for upending parliamentary procedure.
“I never felt I was able to report it because you end up being part of the story," he said.
Minister for "government efficiency" is cracking down on officials working from home.