Jessie J Can Sing With Her Mouth Shut (And It's Really Quite Impressive)

WATCH Jessie J's Impressive Party Trick

Is there no end to Jessie J’s talents? Singer, songwriter, talent spotter, owner of crap tattoo… and now she’s added another skill to her CV: she can also sing with her mouth shut.

Yep, even when her lips are sealed (which, after hearing ‘Bang Bang’ for the 100th time, including Boris Johnson's version I know I’ve been thankful for), there’s still no escape, thanks to her admittedly, impressive party trick.

Jessie made the revelation during her appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, and well, it really is quite something.

Not only do her lips not move but she’s actually singing fully-formed words WITH HER MOUTH SHUT.

You hear that Keith Harris?

Apparently, Jessie cultivated this particular talent when she was a nipper and pretended she was in a box (as you do).

Watch Jessie belt out ‘Bang Bang’ (with her mouth shut) from around the 1m 20s point in the video above.

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