'It Tastes Like Belly Fat': South Korean Women Try US Junk Food, And Hate It

Is it a bush tucker trial? Judging from the fuss, you'd think so.

The reality is that a handful of South Korean women have been asked to taste test a selection of popular US snacks including Twizzlers, Pop Tarts, Lay's crisps and Rice Krispie bars.

Now we all know that American snacks aren't the healthiest of the bunch - they're filled with sugar, salt and a whole range of other artificial ingredients which half of us never knew existed.

But judging by the reactions from these ladies, they'd rather eat their own bogies than a rubbery Twizzlers and candle-tasting Pop Tarts. And can we blame them?

Here are some of the best reactions to the America's favourite treats...

Goldfish Crackers

"All the crackers are really... Dry."

"When it melts in my mouth it kind of feels like I'm eating belly fat."

Pop Tarts

"It tastes like a toy."

"It tastes like a candle."

Rice Krispies Treats

"Finally, something that's edible!"

"Something about this reminds me of teenage guys eating protein bars after a really sweaty workout."

Lay's Salt & Vinegar Crisps

"It tastes like vinegar was spread on potato chips."

"The potato chips are tart."


"It tastes like I'm chewing a rubber."

"Is this something that grandmas eat to practice chewing?"


"If this came out first, it probably would've tasted like shit."

"This would be great with alcohol."

And finally, Warheads Extreme Sour Candy

"What is this?! You're trying to kill us aren't you?"

"I think I'm going to cry."