21/01/2015 06:29 GMT | Updated 22/01/2015 04:59 GMT

19 Times The Sun's Page 3 Tried To Solve The World's Problems

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Leilani, glamour model, joins sister Mel and friends at the Sun Footie Festival fundraiser held on Clapham Common in London

With news of The Sun reportedly dropping topless ladies from Page 3, we thought it would be appropriate to take a moment and remember some of the inspiring bites of wisdom we've been given by the tabloid.

Love it or hate it, Page 3 has supposedly been giving people like Lucy, 23, from Redcar a voice on current affairs for many years. Or at least until they stopped 'News In Briefs' in 2013, stripping the newspaper of all high-brow quotes and musings.

'News In Briefs' often published insightful quotes from philosophers and expert political analysis attributed to the scantily clad women alongside the popular nude shots. The segment also gave us a really good sense of what The Sun and its models stood for, albeit next to pictures of their boobs.

They were firmly in support of the new governor of the Bank of England:

And the end of the archaic principle of male primogeniture:

But they were strongly against big business making money off the little guy:

They weren't too happy about the prospect of electoral reform:

But still enjoy the idea of a major constitutional overhaul:

They were fond of multiculturalism:

And excessive procreation:

But they didn't like the idea of lazy people receiving benefits:

They were in favour of beer mugs with handles:

And triangular flapjacks:

But they didn't like the idea of taxing beer:

They weren't too happy with the EU bureaucrats:

But were relieved when the Higgs Boson was discovered:

They favoured investment in our infrastructure:

But, like most people, they thought George Osborne needed to get a grip: